Department of Science Culture
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Sensitivity towards universal scientific values is an undisputable ethical concept for universities. This fundamental premise maintains that science can only advance through knowledge, which is based on research findings and which is taught in a competitive environment. Science can be defined as a combination of both research and tuition, with an emphasis on scientific methodology.

Universities reflect both global and the shared scientific assertions of their faculties, departments and programs into their own research and educational programs. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of universities to develop their own ‘institutional’ assertions, which can enrich these scientific values. In this way, science can be ‘contemporary,’ and yet still be in line with the ‘global’ perspective.

Institutional scientific assertions help develop academic competition between universities. These assertions also define the values of the individual institution, enhancing the exclusivity of the university’s identity. This is particularly apparent in the university’s provision of custom-made program content and its ‘teaching’ methodology.

Universities provide an intellectual environment in which a contemporary and cultured lifestyle is encouraged, together with the teaching of scientific information. One factor that can differentiate between institutions, is the way they teach and cherish this lifestyle, providing an approach to a richer way of life, where people are more in tune with their surroundings. At Yaşar University it is anticipated that through acquiring these fundamental skills, students will have the chance to recognise and adapt to the university’s identity, as portrayed in its ideals of ‘Science, Unity, Success’. It is also expected that through the nurturing environment of the university, students will increase their thirst for learning and success, through personally experiencing this respectful approach to life.

Yaşar University is a scientific institution, which places great importance on the aforementioned global values. It constantly strives to develop its ‘unique’ scientific assertions through questioning and analysis. Accordingly, it prioritises the prompt integration of new research findings from the university environment into the education programs. Over time this will also benefit the proficiency of graduates.

Yaşar University’s unique scientific assertions and the value of its education programs, as identified in its institutional identity, are reflected in its Foundation Courses Program (FCP). These courses are comprised to combine global scientific values with the most recent educational demands in the most appropriate way.

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